GARA is a museum of glasses, accessories and jewelry. Frames made in a single copy from a buffalo horn or with feathers, from bamboo or an airplane wing — we collect the rarest items around the world and make them a part of GARA collection.

Here you can find a bracelet from the 19th-century Yves Saint Laurent fashion show, Vivienne Westwood handbags, Burning Man masks, helmets and key chains with flies.

In 2015, GARA was a private showroom working only by appointment or for very good friends. Now the museum doors are open to everyone who is looking for something more than “just beautiful.”

GARA works with Ukrainian artists, craftsmen from Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney and even those who are not on social media at all. We select each product soooooooooooooooooooo carefully which means that we can be trusted.

So, let's decide once and for all: